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OM9-FS (B/U)

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OM9 FS Pistol, 9mm Semi Auto Roller Lock Pistol built by Omega.
This pistol is very versatile.  This pistol makes and exceeds the 922 R Compliant regulations which makes it the perfect donor for building the SBR.
Each build is meticulously scrutinized throughout the building process with a 31 point inspection before shipping. 30 rounds of ammunition are fired in each gun to insure flawless operation before shipping.  All parts are the highest quality German HK and US made parts available in the country.  Each gun is hand-built with pride in Arkansas and made 100% in the USA.  We believe in keeping jobs in the USA.  Our quality in unsurpassed and our prices are reasonable.  At Omega we build with pride and offer a 5 year factor warranty on all the guns leaving our facility.



Caliber 9mm x 19
Sighting Shot 25 and 100m
Rifle with Fixed Rear Stock 6.43 lbs (2.92kg)
without Magazine  
Rifle with Retractable  Rear Stock 7.18 lbs (3.26 kg)
without Magazine  
Steel Magazine for 30 Rounds Empty 6.00 oz (0.17 kg)
Steel Magazine for 15 Rounds Empty 4.23 oz (0.12 kg)
Cartridge 185 gr (12gr)
Rifle with Fixed Rear Stock 34.59 in 878 mm
Rifle with Retractable  Rear Stock 34.05 in 865mm
Rifle with Rear Stock Retracted 27.58 in (700mm)
Line of Site 13.39 in (340mm)
Barrel (Long) 16.54 in (420mm)
Barrel (Short) 8.86 in(225mm)
Cartridge Case 0.74 in (19mm)


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