We have just finished a machine gun build for a Government contract. As you all may know how things work, it isn't always what you sign up for. The build was originally going to give us 3 weeks to do the build. But as it turned out, once we received the parts, we had one week to do the build and meet the dead line. My guys and myself kicked in the afterburner and did 2 weeks of hours in one week and had the job done a day ahead of schedule. On the day of the deadline a rep of the contractor that we did the build for flew out to our facility and spent 2 days doing an inspection and test fire of the firearms. Everything passed the function test with flying colors and when it came to the test firing, 120 rounds were put through each gun. Each of the firearms had to fire without failure to pass. This was a minimum of 3000 rounds shot that day. We had a couple of failures but were quickly resolved and then passed. Most of the issues were caused from being brand new manufacturing and not ever having rounds put through them. We had one that had a bad bolt head, which was replaced and passed. All in all the build went without a hitch and proved to ourselves that we can work well under pressure with tight deadlines. We don't want to do this every week, but when the hits the fire we can pull through.



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Last modified: 05/22/16