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Fake Suppressors



1. These are the parts that are included when you purchase a compression fit fake suppressor.  One tube, one nose cone and one spanos wrench.
2. Lay out the parts that you will be working with making sure the the firearm is empty and safety is on as discribed in your owners manual.
3. Slide the tube over the barrel, with the threaded end towards the mussel end and slide the nose cone over the mussel. (note: the nose cone should fit flush against the mussel of the barrel)
4. Slide the tube back up to the nose cone and holding the nose cone in place with the spanos wrench thread the tube onto the nose cone.
5. Just before the tube is tight rotate the nose cone as desired to place the lettering on the side in its desired position. Make sure the fake suppressor in securely on before firing the rifle.


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Last modified: 05/22/16